High Point Center

Central Distribution

Coast to Coast Serives

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Import Logistic Services

* Unloading of containers

* Loading of containers

* Shipping to customers

* LTL shipping management

* Credit card processing

* Office services

* Multilingual services

* Information about Buyers, reps, sales

* IHFC Rep Organization based in High Point

* Complete database at retail stores, sales representative

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Rate quotes based on promotional furniture-assembled value ratio -$ 7,00 per cube ft.

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A technical database of sales by styles, by territories and clients is available to our partners.
The High Point Center has a database of thousands furniture stores. Several times during the year this database is used to send, catalogs, sale offers, and invitations to the fair.


The " Center " has excellent relationships in the editorial community.


We are a great source of knowledge with extensive experience in International Marketing and Manufacturing.
Consulting Services are availabe.

Contact ERIC GONZALEZ for a free rate quote or to set up an appointment


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